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Cytokine array

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Cytokine array B A T (evidence®) 4x45 (180 biochips) EV3544 POA
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Intended Use

The Evidence Cytokine Array is to be used for the in vitro simultaneous quantitative detection of multiple related cytokine immunoassays (in parallel) from a single sample run on the automated biochip array analyzer, Evidence.

The Evidence Cytokine Array is for research use only and not for diagnostic procedures.

Clinical Significance

The field of cytokine research has evolved from four independent study areas. The first and most significant area has been immunology, specifically the study of lymphokines. The second source of cytokine research has involved the interferons. The hematopoietic growth factors or colony stimulating factors have been the third area of cytokine research with the study of non- hematopoietic growth factors the fourth source of cytokine research. The role of cytokines in the regulation of immune and inflammatory responses is now clearly recognized but cytokine research has lead to their implication in other pathological conditions.

Knowledge of the complexity of the cytokine network and the role played by cytokines is critical in understanding normal and pathological processes. Therefore assaying a number of cytokines in the one sample has become of increasing interest in laboratory medicine. The knowledge gained from multiple cytokine analysis should allow better diagnosis and disease management.


The Evidence analyzer is a fully automated Biochip Array System. It performs simultaneous quantitative detection of multiple analytes from a single patient sample.

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