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Alpha-1-Acid Glycoprotein (AGT) assay

Product Method Size Catalog Price Quantity
Alpha-1-Acid Glycoprotein (AGT) assay Immunoturbidimetric R1 3 x 16ml, R2 3 x 5ml AG2472 $841.19
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  • Format
    Liquid ready-to-use
  • Assay Range
    24.6 - 453mg/dl
  • Working Stability 2-8 °C
    Stable to expiry
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Intended Use

Immunoturbidimetric assay for the quantitative in vitro determination of alpha-1-acid-glycoprotein in human serum and plasma. This product is suitable for use on RX series instruments which includes the RX daytona and the RX imola.

Clinical Significance

Alpha-1-acid-glycoprotein (also known as Orosomucoid) is an acute-phase reactant synthesised in the liver in response to inflammation and tissue damage. The normal range for healthy individuals is 50-120 mg/dl. However markedly higher levels are observed in a number of conditions such as inflammatory disease, acute myocardial infarction, trauma, pregnancy and surgery. Serum AAG levels also provide a useful diagnostic tool in neonates with bacterial infections as most infected neonates produce increased levels.


Sample is diluted and reacted with a buffer containing antibody specific for alpha-1-acid-glycoprotein. The formation of the antibody-antigen complex during the reaction results in an increase in turbidity, the extent of which is measured as the amount of light absorbed at 340 nm. By constructing a standard curve from the absorbance of standards, alpha-1-acid-glycoprotein concentration of sample can be determined.

Available Applications

RX series instruments, including:

RX daytona

RX imola