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IgG (High Sensitivity) assay

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IgG (High Sensitivity) assay Immunoturbidimetric R1 4 x 20ml, R2 4 x 6.5ml IG3898 $1870.36
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  • Format
    Liquid ready to use
  • Working Stability 15-25 °C
  • Working Stability 2-8 °C
    Stable to expiry
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Intended Use

For the quantitative in vitro determination of IgG in cell culture samples. This product is suitable for use on the RX Series .

Clinical Significance

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the smallest yet most abundant of the five immunoglobulin antibodies it is found in all bodily fluids and makes up approximately 75-80% of all antibodies. IgG is involved mainly in the secondary immune response and is important in fighting bacterial and viral infections.

IgM is the only antibody capable of crossing the placenta and providing protection to unborn babies.

Measurement of IgG is the basis of the serological diagnosis of several infectious diseases. Uses of IgG measurement include diagnosis of infectious and inflammatory diseases, diagnosis of malignancies, to detect the presence of soluble antigens and monitoring therapy in myeloma.


Sample containing human IgG reacts with specific antiserum to form a precipitate, which is measured turbidimetrically at 700 nm. By constructing a standard curve from the absorbances of standards, the IgG concentration of sample can be determined.