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Fructosamine assay

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Fructosamine assay ENZYMATIC R1 5x25, R2 5x6.2ml FR3133 $2331.22
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Intended use

Enzymatic assay for the quantitative in vitro determination of glycated protein (fructosamine) in human serum or plasma. This product is suitable for both manual and automated use.

Clinical Significance

Diabetes mellitus is a disease associated with poor glycaemic control. Numerous clinical studies, including the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, have shown that diabetes related complications may be reduced by the long term monitoring and tight control of blood glucose levels.

In the diabetic patient where blood glucose levels are abnormally elevated the concentration of fructosamine also increases. The measurement of fructosamine is useful in monitoring the blood glucose level over the preceding 2-3 weeks. It is therefore a medium term indicator of diabetic control, whereas, the measurement of blood glucose is only a short term indicator.


Reagent 1 contains Proteinase K which digests the glycated protein to yield glycated protein fragments. Ketoamine oxidase (KAO) in reagent 2 oxidises the ketoamine bond of the glycated protein fragments. As a result hydrogen peroxide is released and it is involved in a colorimetric Trinder end-point reaction. The amount of color developed at 550 nm is proportional to the concentration of glycated protein in the sample.