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Thrombin time reagent assay

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Thrombin time reagent assay Coagulation 10 x 2ml TH2755 $179.07
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  • Format
  • Working Stability 15-25 °C
    8 hours
  • Working Stability 2-8 °C
    21 days
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Intended Use

For the in-vitro determination of Thrombin Time (TT). This product is suitable for manual use or on semi-automated analyzers.

Clinical Significance

Thrombin Time measures the rate of conversion of Fibrinogen into Fibrin when thrombin is added to plasma i.e. it measures hemostatically active fibrinogen. Thrombin Time (TT) can be used as a screening assay for disorders of fibrin formation or in suspected cases of severe fibrinogen deficiency states.

A prolonged Thrombin Time may be an indication of decreased fibrinogen levels (Hypofibrinogenaemia), dysfunctional fibrinogen molecules (Dysfibrinogenemia), thrombolytic therapy, malignancy, liver disease, an increase in Fibrinogen degradation products, presence of abnormal serum globulins or increased immunoglobulins and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC).


The thrombin time assay measures the rate of conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin; i.e. it measures hemostatically active fibrinogen. The thrombin time is the time taken by the predetermined quantity of thrombin in the reagent to convert the fibrinogen in the plasma into fibrin clot.