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Uric acid (with ascorbate oxidase) (liquid) assay

Product Method Size Catalog Price Quantity
Uric acid (with ascorbate oxidase) (liquid) assay Colorimetric R1 4 x 50ml, R2 4 x 18ml UA7972 $402.04
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  • Format
    Liquid ready to use
  • Assay Range
    19.42 - 1487imol/l
  • Working Stability 15-25 °C
  • Working Stability 2-8 °C
    2 weeks
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Intended Use

For the quantitative in vitro determination of Uric Acid in Serum, Plasma and Urine. This product is suitable for use on the Hitachi 704, 717, 902, and 911/912.

Clinical Significance

Uric acid is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of several renal and metabolic disorders including kidney disease, leukemia, psoriasis and starvation.

Elevated levels of uric acid in the blood indicate that the body is breaking down cells too quickly or that the body is not getting rid of uric acid quick enough. High levels can result in inflammation of joints, gout and kidney stones.

Lower than normal levels or uric acid in the blood are rare and not of clinical significance. Decreased values however are associated with some kinds of liver and kidney disease.


Uric Acid is converted by uricase to allantoin and hydrogen peroxide, which under the catalytic influence of peroxidase, oxidizes TOOS* and 4-aminophenazone to form a red-violet quinoneimine compound.

Available Applications

  • Hitachi dedicated